Mayor Hoveland and Om's speeches 

Edina Magazine Nov 2017

Zephyrus Oct 2017 (pg. 5)

"New Hopes, New Directions": Sarwamat Marathi News Paper, Jan 2018

Headline: "American brothers provide free eye care to students in need."

Lokmat Marathi Newspaper Article Jan 15, 2018

Headline: "Story of a beautiful vision"

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Felicitation in Salwadgao with "Shawl and Coconut"- an emotional and touching experience

Sadhana Marathi Magazine, Feb. 10, 2018, page 28

This article describes instances where an ordinary person had an experience that completely changed their outlook towards the world and they set out to make a difference by trying to solve the problem at the societal level. Om's personal experience with loss of eyeglasses resulting in his realization of the problems of visually impaired, leading the the founding of Omnisight International is cited in the 2nd column.

Headline: "It just takes a moment of insight"

Local Indian Marathi Newspaper Feb 2018

Headline: "American Students, Om and Atman, Distribute Free Eyeglasses to Children in Need"

Bhapkar wasti School, Flower of Gratitude offered by the Commissioner of Education