Omnisight International

Setting our sights on giving vision to all.

Did you Know?

More than three of every five visually impaired children have a completely correctable problem.

Ninety percent of the over 250 million visually impaired worldwide live in a low-income settings.

*Visual impairment and blindness. (2014, August). Retrieved October 20, 2016, from

Omnisight raises awareness, screens populations, and provides free eyewear for a better future.

Omnisight's Mission

Setting our sights on giving vision to all.


Omnisight is based on the principle that healthy eyes are vital to everyone’s quality of life. Vision is humankind’s most developed sense and is therefore an essential part of our education and safety. Omnisight’s goal is to empower communities through promoting and providing eye care. We strive to increase longevity and quality of life by removing the obstacle of vision impairment and allowing people to reach their full potential.  

Omnisight operates in multiple nations, respects the cultures, traditions, and religions of every community, and strives to support people of all ages. We will collaborate with any individuals, schools, businesses, governments, or organizations that share our vision for a better future.  


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Omnisight International has a designated fund administered by the Edina Community Foundation. The Edina Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization approved by the IRS and MN Attorney General. Contributions to the Edina Community Foundation are tax deductible as provided by law.  


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