About Us

Atman (left) and Om Jahagirdar

Omnisight International was founded in 2016 by Om and Atman Jahagirdar with the goal of giving "eyesight to all".

Om was 15 and Atman was 12 years old then. Om has moderate myopia (-8 diapoters) and realized the limitations of visual impairment when he broke his eyeglasses on a trek in India.  Those two days without glasses changed his life forever. 

He was deeply disturbed by the sight of poor children in India who were lagging in studies and sports, because their parents could not afford simple pair of glasses, which cost $8 in India. 

With the generous donations of money and eyeglasses collected in the US, Omnisight provides vision screening and free eyeglasses to poor children, so that they can be educated and pulled out of the vicious cycle of perpetual lack of education and poverty. 

They have partnered with local ophthalmologists, optometrists, non-profit organizations and schools (see the "Partners" page of this website).

Projects and Milestones


1. In Dec 2016-Jan. 2017: Om and Atman personally screened seventy 6th and 7th graders in the GHPS School, Seegehalli, Bengaluru, India and identified 13 kids with correctable refractive errors. They gave their spare frames and bought prescription lenses for 2 girls using the $20 gift they had received from relatives. Leaving behind 11 kids who badly needed glasses because of lack of funds made them very sad.

2. In January 2017, when they returned to Edina, Om approached his school counselors, teachers and Youth-Serving-Youth organization to guide them on starting a non-profit organization to collect eye glasses and donations, and they soon shaped as Omnisight International.

3. In April 2017, Mayor Hovland, recognized their effort and humbled Om with the Mayor's Commendation Award. The brothers immediately started collecting funds and used eye glasses by placing the collection receptacles in Edina Eye Physicians, Owl Optical, Insight Vision Care and Edina Public Schools.

4. So far they have raised over $3000 through individual donations and fund raisers and have collected over 500 pairs of eye glasses. The generosity of Minnesotans is critical to Omnisight’s vision. 

5. November 2017 issue of Edina Magazine featured Om and Atman. 

6. In January 2018 they visited India and this time screened over 400 children in government schools in the GHPS School, Bengaluru and 2 schools in Shevgaon, Maharashtra State, providing frames and prescription glasses to all the children with correctable refractive errors.

7. They also collaborated with Dr. Randy Hurley and helped screen and provide glasses to an orphanage in Ilula, Tanzania.

8. They teamed up with Goodwill India who hold the world record for collecting and distributing the highest number of used clothes. This collaboration will help Omnisight International redistribute used glasses in India. 


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